About AlumiWorks Northwest.

We're local and family-owned.

AlumiWorks Northwest is your local, family-owned full service aluminum fabrication and welding shop. We value quality craftsmanship, personal customer care, and customized service to meet your welding needs.

At AlumiWorks Northwest, you will find that customer service is of equal importance to the quality of the product or service provided, and owner Russ takes pride in his work - regardless how big or small it is.

With 25 years of welding experience, Russ values quality and customer satisfaction as his top priorities. All types of projects, servicing, and aluminum fabrication and welding jobs are welcomed by AlumiWorks Northwest. If the job doesn't fit within our parameters of service we will refer you to another great shop in the area.  

We guarantee our work with customer satisfaction as our top priority. If something doesn't look right, we will make it right.

Integrity. Quality. Honesty. Always, at AlumiWorks Northwest.

Russ is a licensed contractor with 25+ years of welding and fabrication experience.

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